Our Organization


One national NGO sharing one vision: A state where public, private sectors and CSOs adopting good-governance and integrity. 

In 2003, a few individuals led by Christopher Henry Samson decided to take a stance against corruption and created Lalenok Ba Ema Hotu (LABEH). Now present in all the thirteen Districts of Timor-Leste and go International working with the UNCAC,Transparency International, International Budget Partnership and other movements working relentlessly to stir the world’s collective conscience and bring about change. Much remains to be done to stop corruption, but much has also been achieved. 

LABEH is an expanding non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization. LABEH is the acronym name of “Lalenok Ba Ema Hotu”. This is translated in English as (The Mirror of the People) is a Timor-Leste-based non-governmental organization, (NGO) which tries to raise awareness on the issues of corruption, promote transparency and accountability in the government administration and bridge the information gaps between the Timorese people and the government. Our main objective rests on Transparency, Accountability and Anti-Corruption. 

Timor-Leste has emerged from a period of some 500 years of colonial rule, where our communities had little control over their resources. Independence should bring a unique opportunity for developing governmental structures that are appropriate, transparent, sustainable, effective and efficient. Yet, there are corrupt practices within government administration due to favors and patronage rather than promotion by merit and adherence to the rule of law.