Celebrating efforts 

LABEH was founded in 2003 by Christopher Henry Samson who wanted to put an end to corruption and the many ways it undermines positive progress in the country. While the topic was once taboo and only whispered about, over time LABEH helped make it a priority – by 2008, through the national consultation to create the Anti-Corruption Commission for Timor-Leste and we found out that corruption was the countries’ most talked about problem.

As our organization has grown, we’ve continually sought new ways to engage people in tackling corruption in all its forms. Everyone can play a role in making corruption a thing of the past.

As we enter our 11th year, we look forward to reinvigorating the fight against corruption. With your help, we can challenge corruption and force it from the shadows.
Help us write the next 10 years of history. Let’s all work toward a country free of corruption.