Continued progress

LABEH continued leading the fight against corruption in the national level through its national program called CBMS Community Based Monitoring System and ODOV One District One Village programs and joined in celebrating the International Anti-Corruption Day on 9 December – UNCAC’s anniversary. 

During 2011, LABEH worked with a diverse group of stakeholders – from major corporations, to trade unions, to academics and other NGOs and the Transparency International conducted the national consultation on the proposed law on Timor-Leste Anti-Corruption Law supported by the United States of American Embassy in Timor-Leste to develop ideas from all sectors of the community and the state on the proposed Anti-Corruption Law. This consultation met a basic but important need, guiding the National Parliament on how to design and improve the Anti-Corruption Law. 

Other anti-corruption highlights of 2011 included the national campaign against corruption led by LABEH which provided additional INSIGHT to the general public about corruption and the government legal frameworks against bribery and money laundering, and the formation of LABEH Youth against Corruption (JAK).

LABEH was also recognized nationally, for its innovative coalition-building to promote transparency and accountability while addressing urgent social issues.