The crises of 2006 in Timor-Leste reminded us that LABEH existence has not been an easy road to travel. We have worked in the street of mockery. Those who were before us have humiliated us. We have been predicted to fall apart by those who do not understand our vision and mission.  Our unwavering commitment to participate in the development process of our new country has led to our dedication and work. 

We considered that our objectives would be better served by committing to only 4 programs. Thus, we will concentrate our efforts towards Transparency, Accountability and combating corruption, Budget Monitoring, Advocacy and Monitoring and Education Training and Capacity Development. Our challenge, therefore, is to ensure that our activity growth accelerates steadily. 

We will have to devote the years to come to laying the ground for this process to continue to blossom. As we have so effectively demonstrated to our people, our capacity to provide critical information on the political and social development of our country and the pursuit of transparency and accountability in government proceedings is beyond reproach. Therefore, we will continue our work and provide support to all efforts to combat corruption and towards sustainable development and economic justice.