What We Believe


Timor-Leste has emerged from a period of some 500 years of colonial rule, where our communities had little control over their resources. Independence should bring a unique opportunity for developing governmental structures that are appropriate, transparent, sustainable, effective and efficient.

Our people in the districts seems to have been forgotten and abandoned, many are still eating rice without vegetables, and most do not have access to clean water and public health facilities. Most of our children are still out of school, and most parents cannot afford their children’s school fees. Yet, there are corrupt practices within government administration due to favors and patronage rather than promotion by merit and adherence to the rule of law.

Thus there is a great motivation in our hearts for LABEH to serve the purpose of encouraging full participation of the people towards transparency, accountability and Anti-Corruption. The vision and motivation in our hearts are the aspirations of our people towards a better standard of life and the eradication of poverty and illiteracy.

LABEH is an expanding non-profit, non-political and non-governmental organization. LABEH is the acronym name of “Lalenok Ba Ema Hotu”. Which is translated in English as (The Mirror for the People) is a National-based non-governmental organization, which tries to raise awareness on issues of transparency, accountability, good-governance, economic justice and anti-corruption. Our main objective rests on Transparency, Accountability and Anti-Corruption.

“LALENOK BA EMA HOTU” (LABEH) which means in English “THE MIRRIOR OF THE PEOPLE” is the testimony of our conscience with a pure motive and sincerity of heart of the condition of our people to a better standard of living, which every citizen has right to, and in relation of their own involvement in the process. The poverty experienced by our people motivated the need to establish this organization, which aims to give cause for reflection on the condition of our people.

LABEH Mission Statement

LABEH is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) whose mission is to fellow Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in working with the people to hold the government to carry out to its promises on transparency, accountability, good-governance, economic justice and anti-corruption, promote human transformation and eradication of poverty, seeking economic justice, and the rule of law.

LABEH is not alone

LABEH is now a member of the national and international non-governmental organizations and accepts its obligation of joint partnership, shared goals and mutual accountability that true partnership requires; affirming its interdependence and willingness to yield autonomy as necessary for the common good. LABEH is a partner with those it serves and those who contribute to its shared vision to maintain a cooperative stance and a spirit of openness towards other humanitarian organizations, willing to receive and consider honest opinions from others about its work.

LABEH is Responsive

LABEH is responsive to new and unusual opportunities, encourage innovations, creativity and flexibility, maintaining an attitude of learning, reflection and discovery in order to grow in understanding and skill.

LABEH is Responsible Steward

The resources at LABEH’s disposal are not its own. They are a sacred trust from God through individual contributions and donors on behalf of the people, LABEH is faithful to the purpose for which those resources are given, and manages them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to those concerned.

LABEH gives priority to people before money, structure, systems and other institutional mechanisms; always acting in ways that respect the dignity and uniqueness of every person –the poor, the donors, our staff and their families, and volunteers. LABEH celebrates the richness of diversity in human personality, culture, and contribution.

LABEH is Committed

LABEH facilitates the engagement between the civil society and the affluent that opens both to transformation for the fulfillment of basic human aspirations. The need for transformation is common to all. Together we share in the quest for justice, peace, unity, love, and rule of law. LABEH is called to serve the people to relieve their suffering caused by corruption, and to promote the transformation of their condition of life. LABEH stands in solidarity with those who seek justice.

LABEH our Commitment

We at LABEH acknowledge that values cannot be legislated they must be lived. No document can substitute for attitudes, decisions, and actions that constitute the fabric of our life and work. LABEH speaks and acts honestly, open and factual in dealings with donors, project communities, governments, the public at large, and with each other, and endeavors to convey a public image of conformity with these principles, always striving for consistency between what is said and what is does.

LABEH staffers are not part of a hierarchical organization, all members share collectively in administrative and program responsibilities, with a conscious effort made to share knowledge and skills.

Therefore, we covenant with each other before God the Most High to do our utmost individually and as cooperative entities within LABEH, to uphold these core values, to honor them in our decisions, to express them in our relationships, and to act consistently with them whenever and wherever LABEH is at work.